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Testing as a Food Safety Compliance Tool

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In view of the myriad choices available in the global food supply chain, and quite often, the lack of awareness of the safety of the food we eat, it is almost impossible to prevent the spread of foodborne contamination. Many companies today, are finding it difficult to monitor and prevent, foodborne illnesses, requiring high standards in finished product testing, not commonly available.

We, at Pathogenia aim to provide accurate and time-bound results to our customers i.e. food producers and manufacturers, thereby enabling them to implement appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their food products. Our lab scientists are equipped with the requisite expertise and infrastructure to prepare, test and measure samples, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.


We use a wide range of testing parameters in the areas of food and environment; Virology (Hepatitis A and Norovirus), Microbiology (foodborne pathogens and indicators); Chemical residue analysis (Pesticides and Toxins); Method development; and Validation, based on our customers needs.

nd last, but not the least, we are the proud recipients of the first SO/IEC 17025 accreditation awarded to a lab in Canada for testing foodborne viruses.

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